MAKE A Reservation

We take reservations on a rolling 60 day availability for booking both by phone and on our website under “make a reservation”.
*online reservations open at midnight*
All reservations require a credit card to hold the reservation
at the time of booking
Please note that if you book multiple reservations, we are not able to guarantee you will be seated together due to the configuration of our dining rooms.


We do not manage reservations through our contact form or email. 

~Bern’s is closed on Mondays~




Please click here for our full reservation policy.

If there is availability for your request, you will be able to secure your reservation & receive a confirmation email shortly after you complete your online booking above.  If the date you are looking to book are not listed, it is not currently available, please feel free to check back for cancellations. (unfortunately, we do not have a cancellation/call back list)

The “special request” section is NOT accessed until the night of your reservation so please do not use this section to request a change in time, number of guests or any other information you need the restaurant to be aware of in advance of your reservation.


What We Ask of You

Our dining room dress code is business casual to semi-formal. If you are dressed in more relaxed attire, you may be seated in our lounge area instead of the main dining rooms. For more details on our dress code, please click here.

It is our policy to only seat complete parties as delayed guests impact following reservations.

There is no self parking in the neighborhood, valet parking is available.

Dessert Room

If you have already secured your dinner reservation, there is no need to call the restaurant to reserve a dessert room table, one has already been secured for you. If you are interested, please inform your dining room server when you are seated for dinner that you would like to finish your culinary experience with a table upstairs in our famous Harry Waugh Dessert Room. We will make all the arrangements for you at that time.

For the first time, we are taking limited early reservations for the dessert room.  If you are interested in making a dessert room reservation, please call 813-251-2421.  We are only taking reservations for times between 6:00PM and 6:45PM.
If you are looking for a later time, we are still allowing for limited dessert walk-ins. (subject to availability)

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