MAKE A Reservation

We are currently taking reservations for February, March and April (our reservations for May will open on the morning of March 1st at 8:00AM EST).



If there is availability for your request, you will be able to secure your reservation & receive a confirmation email shortly after you complete your online booking below. If the date and time you are looking to book are not listed, it is not currently available, however, please feel free to check back for cancellations.  We unfortunately do not have a call back list and do not handle reservation requests at our contact email.


We do not take reservations for the dessert room, however, if you have already secured your dinner reservation, there is no need to call the restaurant to reserve a dessert room table or a tour of our kitchen and wine cellar. If you are interested, please inform your dining room server when you are seated for dinner that you would like to finish your culinary experience with a tour, and a table upstairs in our famous Harry Waugh Dessert Room. We will make all the arrangements for you at that time.


The requests area is NOT accessed until the night of your reservation, so please do not use this section to request a change in time, number of guests or any other information you need the restaurant to be aware of in advance of your reservation.  If you do need assistance in requesting a change in advance of your reservation, please contact our reservations office directly at 813-251-2421 for assistance.